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           Sprinkler System Corrosion Monitoring/Mitigation




potter chemical delivery system



Potter Chemical

Delivery System


Patent #6,221,263 B1

  • Metered dosing of corrosion inhibiting treatment fluid.
  • Variable speed pump
  • Patented automatic operation when new water enters the system.  (6,221,236 B1)
  • Secondary containment tank prevents chemical spills.
  • Large tank for treating entire sprinkler system.
  • Low chemical level supervision
  • Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) included.

The Model PCDS, Potter Chemical Delivery System, is a self-contained chemical delivery system manufactured specifically for wet pipe automatic fire sprinkler systems.  The unit is designed to pump liquid chemical into the sprinkler system upon the operation of a dedicated VSR-F or VSR-FE-2 waterflow switch installed on the system riser.  (Or common header for multi systems.)  The pump will deliver a regulated amount of chemical into the sprinkler system as make-up water enters the system.  The discharge rate of the pump is adjustable for waterflow rates between 10 to 100 GPM.  The corrosion-inhibiting chemical is contained in a polyethylene primary tank, which is mounted in a secondary containment tank.  A liquid level float switch provides notification of a low chemical condition.  A second float switch will interrupt power to the pump if the tank should run dry.  The DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter) provides the ability for central station monitoring via phone lines if desired.  Only chemicals that have been checked for compatibility may be used.

Service Pressure
  • Up to 175 PSIG

Temperature Range

  • 40F to 120F (4.5C to 49C)

Chemical Capacity

  • 40 (US Gallons)

Power Requirements

  • 15 Amp 120 VAC unswitched power source.

Adjustable Chemical Dispersing Flow Rate

  • PCDS-1
  • PCDS-2
Approved Chemicals*
  • FPS - Cl 100
  • FPS - Cl 200

*See Material Safety Data Sheet for further information on handling of chemicals.

REF:  Document#8840025 for information on the PFC-7500 Communicator.

REF:  Document#5406017 for information on the RA-7690 Annunciator.

Optional Accessories

  • Waterflow Switch Model VSR-F
  • Waterflow Switch Model VSR-FE-2


Ordering Information & Pricing for PCDS

Stock Number


Price Each

1119700 PCDS-1 Potter Chemical Delivery System $8,499.99
1119702 PCDS-2 Potter Chemical Delivery System $8,499.99



PAAR, Potter Automatic Air Release

potter automatic air releasePAAR

Potter Automatic

Air Release



Patent Pending

  • Helps eliminate air/water interface line where corrosion often thrives.
  • Mechanical fail safe Water Shutoff Valve (Patent Pending)
  • Electrically supervised Water Shutoff Valve (Optional)
  • Visual indication of Water Shutoff Valve operation
  • Prevents damage from water spray, drips, or leaks from air vent
  • Complete unit ready to install at high points in the sprinkler system.

The Model PAAR, Potter Automatic Air Release, must be installed at the high point of the fire sprinkler system.  The PAAR provides automatic venting of trapped air in fire sprinkler systems.  As a fire sprinkler system is filled with water, trapped air migrates to the air vent valve location and is released through the open vent.  The air vent valve will automatically close when water reaches the vent.  Discharge piping from the air vent valve is piped to a shutoff valve mounted in a water retention pan.  The pan retains small amounts of water discharged from the air vent valve during normal operation.  In case of failure of the air vent valve closing, the discharged water reaches a specified depth in the pan (approximately 1") and a water-soluble fiber element in the shutoff valve dissolves and closes the valve preventing further water discharge.  The shutoff valve has a visual indication of operation and a single se of NC contacts rated 24V AC/DC@2A for electronic supervision if desired.  The shutoff valve is a single-use device and contains no user serviceable parts.

Service Pressure
  • Up to 175 PSIG

Temperature Range

  • 40F to 120F (4.5C to 49C)

Air Vent

  • 1" NPT inlet
  • 3/32" Orifice
  • UL Listed and FM Approved
Stock # Model/Description Price Each
1030000 PAAR-Potter Automatic Air Release $999.99
Water Shutoff Valve
  • Activation indicated by red pop-up tap on the shutoff valve.
  • Single set of NC contact rated 24V AC/DC@2A (contacts open upon activation of shutoff valve)
  • 6' Lg. wiring harness supplied for supervision of shutoff valve.

Optional Accessories

  • Supervised ball valve model BVS-1" or retrofit model RBVS for installation before the air vent valve when isolation of the vent and supervision of maintenance/service shutoff is required
  • Potter System Trouble Alarm Model PSTA for local system trouble alarm.



potter corrosion monitoring stationPCMS

Potter Corrosion Monitoring Station



  • Service Pressure:  Up to 175 PSIG

  • Temperature Range:  40F to 120F(4.5C to 49C)

  • Coupon Holders:  Qty. (4) included

  • Coupon Rack replicated the conditions of the cross-main or branch line.
  • Provides easy access to test coupons for evaluation.
  • 9 outlets for removable test coupons and sprinklers
  • Easily isolated from the sprinkler system for coupon removal and internal pipe inspection.
  • Spool piece easily installed or removed with grooved couplings
  • Port available for water sampling

The Model PCMS is a corrosion monitoring station consisting of a test spool and coupon rack that is installed in a fire sprinkler main or branch line to monitor corrosion in a fire sprinkler system.  The PCMS is designed to simulate conditions within the main or branch line that is installed.  The coupon rack can be isolated from the test spool and easily accessed for servicing and monitoring of test specimens (coupons, sprinklers, etc.) without interruption to fire protection.  Test material strip specimens (Coupons) are installed into the coupon rack by the use of coupon holders.


Stock Number Model/Description Price Each
1119500 PCMS 2510 (2 1/2" Schedule 10) $899.99
1119505 PCMS 2540 (2 1/2" Schedule 40) $899.99
1119510 PCMS 3010 (3" Schedule 10) $899.99
1119515 PCMS 3040 (3" Schedule 40) $999.99
1119520 PCMS 4010 (4" Schedule 10) $999.99
1119525 PCMS 4040 (4" Schedule 40) $999.99
1119530 PCMS 6010 (6" Schedule 10) $999.99
1119535 PCMS 6040 (6" Schedule 40) $1,299.99
1119540 PCMS 8010 (8" Schedule 10) $1,299.99
1119545 PCMS 8040 (8" Schedule 40) $1,499.99
1119670 Replacement Coupon Holder Assembly for (2 1/2") PCMS $49.99
1119650 Replacement Coupon Holder Assembly for (3"through 8") PCMS 59.99
5510137 Shut-Off Valve $379.99
5510138 Air Vent Valve $349.99
Coupon-Steel Coupon Steel $69.99
Coupon-Copper Coupon-Copper $79.99


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